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The Hispanic Society of America (Museum) is located at the Audubon Terrace in Uptown Manhattan and entrance is free. The museum is devoted to preserving Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American arts and culture. Besides being a museum, the Hispanic Society in New York City is also a reference library with thousands of old manuscripts including rare books on Hispanic history and culture.

Hispanic Society of America, New York City
Hispanic Society of America by Asaavedra32

The museum's collections include more than 800 paintings, 6,000 drawings, and nearly 1,000 sculptures. The artworks range from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century but most are between the 16th and 18th century. There are also more than 6,000 decorative art collections including ceramics, jewelry, furniture, glass, ironworks, and works in gold and silver.

Sculpture at the courtyard, New York City
Sculpture at the courtyard by Asaavedra32

Other collections include more than 175,000 photographs depicting Hispanic life, culture, and art since 1850. The Muslim Moors once ruled much of the Iberian Peninsular from the 8th until the 16th century and therefore very much an integral part of Hispanic history and culture. Collections from Islamic art include textiles, brocades (including gold, silk, and satin), sculptures, and manuscripts.

Location: Audubon Terrace, 613 West 155th Street, New York, NY 10032

Website: Hispanic Society of America (New York City)

Tel: 212-926-2234 


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