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The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is a hands-on tour of the world of technology with plenty of entertaining yet educational interactive exhibits. The Technology Lab is housed in a four-story annex of the Sony Building in Midtown Manhattan, opening daily except on Mondays and public holidays. Admission is free and due to its popularity, an advance reservation is recommended to guarantee admission.

Sony Building in Manhattan, New York City
Sony Building by roryrory

The entertaining exhibits are housed in several galleries at the Technology Lab. The "Internet Map" is a large world map simulating internet traffic around the world. The "Signal Station" describes the processing, transmission, and receiving of digitized information. Another interesting gallery is "The Anytime/Anywhere Timeline", describing the evolution of multimedia and communications technology.

Sony Wonder Technology , New York City
Sony Wonder Technology Lab by Andrew Baron

At the "Animation Studio" visitors get a chance to explore the techniques used in animation while the "Production Studio" offers opportunities to learn about television production. The "History of Interactive Games" is an interesting exhibit describing the evolution of interactive games since the 1960s. Furthermore, the "GameBuilder" offers the opportunity for visitors to develop their own interactive games.

Location: Sony Plaza, 550 Madison Avenue at 56th St, New York, NY 10022

Website: Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Tel (general info): 212-833-8100 


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