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Manhattan's Chinatown is located in the Downtown area and both a residential neighborhood and commercial district in New York City. The history of Chinatown in Manhattan dates back more than 150 years ago when Chinese immigrants began to settle in a small area. Since then, Chinatown has expanded in area and population and also includes smaller non-Chinese communities from other parts of Asia. Many of the businesses here including shops and restaurants are Asian-owned but predominantly Chinese.

The Neighborhood
The Chinatown neighborhood is home to the
largest Chinese American community in New York City and also includes Asian minorities from Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea. The neighborhood has a noticeable Asian character and vibrancy with signs written in various Asian languages (besides English) but predominantly Chinese. Also various Asian languages can be heard in Chinatown other than Chinese. Thus, visitors in Chinatown would not be at fault if they mistakenly believe they are somewhere in a city in China or Asia.

Colorful Chinatown in Manhattan, New York City

Colorful Chinatown in Manhattan by chensiyuan

Eating Out
Eating out at an Asian restaurant in Chinatown is generally inexpensive and a great destination for cheap eats in New York City. Many of the eateries are Chinese but there are also a sprinkle of Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese. Popular here are the variety of dim sum, wonton, cognee, noodle, and seafood dishes. You can get a good meal for $10-$15 at an Asian restaurant and street foods sold on carts offer meals for as little as $5. However, there is hardly an upscale Asian restaurant in this neighborhood of Manhattan.

Besides the Asian eateries, there are the Asian-owned stores including supermarkets and grocery stores selling Asian food items such as herbs, seasoning, snacks, and sweets. Along Canal Street, small stores exist alongside street vendors selling a wide range of cheap goods ranging from clothes to handbags. Some even offer cheap fakes from well-known brands but don't expect much in terms of quality. Furthermore, there are the occasional police raids against selling fake merchandise.

Restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown, New York City

Restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown by Maria Azzura Mugnai


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