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Upper Manhattan


Upper Manhattan including Harlem is a residential neighborhood located in the northern edge of Manhattan. The neighborhood is not as affluent compared to Manhattan's other neighborhoods such as the Upper East Side or even East Village. Nevertheless, Upper Manhattan is home for many people from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands, and is heart of the African American community in New York City.

The Neighborhood
Though not on the radar for most tourists, Upper Manhattan is an interesting neighborhood to visit. El Barrio or Spanish Harlem, between 96th and 120th Streets, is home for the Puerto Rican community. Harlem, centering around 125th Street, is home of the city's African American community. Washington Heights is home for many people from the Dominican Republic though the area is becoming more multi-ethnic and attracting more affluent residents seeking cheaper rent.

Harlem in Upper Manhattan, New York City

Harlem in Upper Manhattan by Kmf164

See & Do
The main reason for most visitors wanting to go to Upper Manhattan is to visit The Cloisters, an extension of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Cloisters, which is located in Fort Tryon Park, houses a large collection of European art from the medieval period. 
Other cultural institutions in Upper Manhattan include El Museo Del Barrio (El Barrio Museum) dedicated to Latin American arts and culture.

Another is the Museum for African Art dedicated to the arts and culture of Africa and the African diaspora. If visiting The Cloisters, take the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of Fort Tryon Park. The park is situated on a ridge overlooking the Hudson River and offers a commanding view of the steep cliffs along the shores of New Jersey. The park is also pleasant place for a stroll and picnic especially during the summer months.

Fort Tryon Park, New York City

Fort Tryon Park by Matthew G. Bisanz


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