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Manhattan, New York City 


Upper West Side 


The Upper West Side is a neighborhood in Uptown Manhattan situated west of Central Park and east of the Hudson River. This is another affluent neighborhood of Manhattan though considered not as affluent as the Upper East Side. Many of the many buildings in this pleasant neighborhood were constructed before the First World War but gentrification since the 1980s has seen a rise in number of more modern upscale apartment buildings. Apartments facing east towards Central Park are some of the most sought after in New York City.

See & Do
A prominent landmark and major visitor destination is the American Museum of Natural History, home to one of the largest collections of natural exhibits in the world. Constructed in 1884, the Dakota Building is a prominent apartment where many celebrities and members of high society live. The apartment is also well-known as the home of the late John Lennon, who was shot nearby by a crazed fan.

The Lincoln Center is a large complex and home to 12 performing arts companies. The Center is the venue for a wide range of cultural activities including plays, opera, movies, dance, and art exhibits. Riverside Park is a scenic park that stretches for nearly four miles (six kilometers) along the banks of the Hudson River. The park is a pleasant location for a stroll and offers a splendid view of the New Jersey shorelines.

Upper West Side, New York City

Brownstone buildings in the Upper West Side by WFinch

Farmers' markets
in New York City offer a wide range of produce including
fresh vegetables and fruits from the region. Markets in the Upper West Side include the Morningside Heights Farmers' Market and Lincoln Square Farmers' Market. The Milano Market at 113th Street offers Italian specialties including bakeries, chocolate, and cheeses. A popular store is Zabar at 80th Street offering Kosher foods including bagels, cheeses, salami, and pastrami, which are simply delicious.
Cycling in the Upper West Side, New York City

Cycling in the Upper West Side by Jim Henderson


Visiting New York
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