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Central Park is the most visited park in New York City and well-known across the world from appearances in the movies and television. The park is rectangular shaped measuring 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) long and half mile (800 meter) wide, sandwiched between the Upper West Side and Upper East Side of Uptown Manhattan. Central Park comprises of four areas i.e. the North End, Reservoir, Great Lawn, and South End. Its fairly easy to get to Central Park with several subway stations situated at the four corners of the park.

Central Park, New York City
Central Park by Umberto Fistarol

At the North End of Central Park is the six-acre (2.5 hectares) Conservatory Garden featuring beautifully landscaped English, French, and Italian gardens. Within the North End is the highest point in Central Park known as the Great Hill and nearby are the three small but scenic lakes of Harlem Meer, the Pool, and the Loch.

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir is an artificial lake covering 106 acres (43 hectares) within the Reservoir area. This is another scenic area of Central Park with a popular track along the along the lake for joggers and strollers. For kids, there are the jungle themed Safari Playground and western themed Wild West Playground. 

Lake at Central Park, New York City
Lake at Central Park by SpyOn

There is a large lake with a bridge spanning across the middle situated within the Great Lawn. You can row boats here, which are available for rent from the Loeb Boathouse. There is also a small forested area called the Ramble with its winding paths, rocky outcrop, and a stream passing through. Toddlers will enjoy playing at the Pat Hoffman Friedman Playground, which is designed specially for young kids.

Central Park Zoo is a small zoo within Central Park's South End and home to polar bears, sea lions, penguins, and puffins. Another spot is Strawberry Fields, a landscaped garden built in memory of John Lennon from the Beatles. A popular meeting spot in Central Park is the Bethesda Terrace with the Angel of the Waters (a fountain) in the center. Not to be left out are the Heckscher and Billy Johnson Playgrounds for children.

Location: Between the Upper West Side and Upper East Side neighborhoods in Uptown Manhattan

Website: Central Park Conservancy


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