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Discount Stores 


Discount stores are an alternative to shopping at the upscale stores in Manhattan and shoppers can expect to get as much as 70% off the retail price especially on clothing. However, the merchandise are often surplus stocks or unsold inventory purchased by the discount stores from the upscale retailers or manufacturers. However, it does not matter for the shopper searching for quality merchandise and bargain prices at the discount stores.

Century 21 discount store, New York City

Century 21 discount store by David Shankbone

The mother of all discount stores for quality has to be Century 21, located at 22 Cortland Street in Manhattan's Financial District. The five-floor Century 21 department store is a well-known among New Yorkers with its wide selection of designer brands including clothing, sportswear, and accessories. Syms is another New York City favorite with two locations in Manhattan i.e. Park Avenue and Trinity Place. Syms is popular for its designer range of men's clothing but also offers women's and children's clothing as well.

Syms, New York City

Syms by tommy.ian

Loehmann's is located at Seventh Avenue and specializes in women's clothing and priced as much as 70% of the retail price. Gabay's Outlets sources its merchandise from several upscale stores and includes designer brands such as Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Jimmy Choo. H&M is a European department store chain with several stores in Manhattan offering new inventory of designer brands but priced in the discounted range.

Store in Seventh Avenue, New York City

Store in Seventh Avenue by Beyond My Ken


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