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Madison Avenue 


The shopping district in Madison Avenue is situated between 57th to 85th Streets in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The Upper East Side is a wealthy neighborhood in New York City and nearly everything here is upscale including shopping! Expect to find luxury stores along Madison Avenue selling designer clothes, leather goods, jewelry, and accessories to name a few. For those without money to burn, window shopping would be the next best reason to walk along the street here.

Manhattan's Madison Avenue, New York City

Manhattan's Madison Avenue by Jim Henderson

There are 15 blocks of designer stores in this premier shopping district of New York City. Calvin Klein at 654 Madison Avenue is a showcase in American fashion including designer jeans. When it comes to Italian designer shoes, then it has to be Fratelli Rossetti at 625 Madison Avenue. Other designer stores include Gucci (fashion, handbags, and accessories), Yves Saint Laurent (fashion and fragrance), Christian Dior (fashion, fragrance, and accessories), and Giorgio Armani (men and women’s designer clothes).

Shopping along Madison Avenue, New York City

Shopping along Madison Avenue by Gryffindor

A well-known and popular department store for luxury shopping in Madison Avenue is Barney's New York. Though there are other Barney's department store chains across the United States, the store at 660 Madison Avenue is the flagship store. Prada, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs are a few of the designer brands at Barney's. The luxury department store also offers its own in-house brand of clothes and accessories.

Boutique in Madison Avenue, New York City
Boutique in Madison Avenue by Gryffindor

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