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Room rates at hotels in New York City are usually quoted excluding taxes. Therefore, expect the actual bill or payment for your hotel stay to be higher than the quoted rate. Taxes include New York State and New York City sales tax (8.875%), a New York City Hotel Occupancy Tax (varies but rooms above $40, the tax is $2 plus 5.875%), and a surcharge of $1.50. Thus, a $100 per night room will actually cost you $117.75, after the various taxes are included.
Westin Hotel in New York City

Westin Hotel in New York City by Beyond My Ken

There are more than 600 hotels in New York City and room rates are one of the most expensive in the United States. Expect to pay up to $50 a night per person for a hostel, $100-$200 for a room with shared bath at a budget hotel, $250-$350 for a mid-range hotel, and much higher for a high-end hotel. Hotel rooms below $200 in Manhattan are usually basic with just enough room for a bed, television, small table, and little else. However, there are cheaper accommodation outside of Manhattan and described below.

Brooklyn is located across the East River from Manhattan, connected by several subway routes linking the borough with Downtown Manhattan. Many of the hotels in Brooklyn are located in the waterfront neighborhoods (along 3rd and 4th Avenues) and along Atlantic Avenue. Hotel rates in Downtown Brooklyn are on the higher end but gets cheaper as you travel further away.

Queens is also just across the East River from Manhattan, with several subway routes connecting the borough with the Midtown and Uptown areas of Manhattan. Hotels are spread across Queens with Long Island City being just across the Queensborough (59th Street) Bridge from Manhattan. Thus hotels in Long Island City are convenient locations for frequenting Manhattan.

New Jersey
Manhattan is accessible from neighboring New Jersey (located across the Hudson River) by a short ferry, train, bus, or taxi ride. However, public transport between New Jersey and New York City are not as frequent compared to transport within New York City itself, especially after midnight. Jersey City is a convenient location for hotels in New Jersey and just a short ride on the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) subway to Downtown and Midtown Manhattan.

Staten Island
Travelers arriving at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey have an option to stay at hotels on Staten Island. However, there are less than 10 hotels on Staten Island and are the hotels here are the furthest from Manhattan. Some hotels on the island, such as The Hilton Garden Inn, offer free shuttle buses to the St. George Ferry Terminal where the Staten Island Ferry travels to and from Manhattan.

Lobby of Chelsea Hotel, New York City

Lobby of Chelsea Hotel by Michael Willems -


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