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New York City 

The Boroughs 

New York City comprises of five boroughs and each borough is a county of New York State. The boroughs have their own unique features and each could be a large city in its own right. Each borough comprises of several districts and subsequently each district comprises of several neighborhoods. The neighborhoods have their own distinct character and history and some are only a few blocks in size.

Manhattan is the most densely populated among the five boroughs with 1.6 million people living on an area of just 23 sq. miles (59 sq. kilometers). Crowded and towering skyscrapers characterize many areas of Manhattan and are homes to some of the largest U.S. corporations and financial institutions. Manhattan is also the most visited destination in New York City with well-known landmarks such as Times Square, Empire State Building, and the United Nations (UN) Headquarters.

Manhattan at night, New York City

Manhattan at night by Javier Gil

Brooklyn is the most populous of the boroughs with 2.6 million people living on an area measuring 71 sq. miles (183 sq. kilometers). The borough is known for its cultural diversity and includes several ethnic communities living in their distinct neighborhoods. Brooklyn’s long beachfront is a popular destination for many New Yorkers, especially during the summers. A popular beachfront destination is Coney Island, offering plenty of attractions besides its beach.

Queens is the largest of New York City’s five boroughs measuring 109 sq. miles (283 sq. kilometers). Though Queens is not densely populated as Manhattan, it has a larger population of 2.3 million. Like Brooklyn, Queens is home to several ethnic communities living in their own neighborhoods. New York City’s two airports i.e. John F. Kennedy and La Guardia Airports are both located in Queens. The borough is also home of the Mets baseball team and one of the largest Chinatowns in the United States.

Interstate 678 in Queens, New York City

Interstate 678 in Queens by NHRHS2010

The Bronx
The Bronx has 1.4 million people living on 42 sq. miles (109 sq. kilometers). Movies and television often portray the Bronx as a rough and crime-infested area but this is far from reality. A matter of fact, the borough is home to the New York Yankees baseball team and the Bronx Zoo, which is the largest city zoo in the United States. Many consider The Bronx as the birthplace of rap music and hip-hop culture.

Staten Island
Staten Island is the least populated and least densely populated of New York City’s five boroughs. The borough measures 58 sq. miles (151 sq. kilometers) and has a population of slightly less than 500,000. Staten Island has a suburban landscape and character with more green space than the other boroughs. Within the center of Staten Island is the Greenbelt, comprising several city parks and 35 miles (56 kilometers) of walking trails.

Staten Island Railway, New York City

Staten Island Railway by Sta2GUYZ


Visiting New York
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