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With more than 20,000 restaurants in New York City, the city excels at every kind of dining establishment. Restaurants in the city include the fancy celebrity chef restaurants, casual bistros, kid friendly restaurants, steakhouses, fast foods, and cafes just to name a few. Lunch menus often cost less than dinner menus, with many restaurants offering the day’s special at reduced prices. As a rough guide, eating out in Manhattan generally cost more than eating out at similar establishments in New York City’s other boroughs.
McDonalds in Times Square, New York City

McDonalds in Times Square by Sallicio

Where you dine, generally determines the type of establishment or cuisines you are mostly likely to find. In the touristy areas of Midtown Manhattan such as Times Square, expect to find plenty of fast food restaurants. The residential neighborhoods of Greenwich Village and East Village in Lower Manhattan are dominated by casual dining restaurants and cafes. Brighton Beach in Brooklyn is home to a large Russian community and along with it are the large numbers of Russian restaurants.

Most restaurants and cafes are unlikely to have a preference about what their customers should wear. However, upscale or fashionable restaurants may impose a certain level of dressing up on their customers but "jackets only" restaurants are uncommon these days. Popular restaurants tend to get crowded in the evenings and therefore it is best to plan ahead and make a reservation. Tipping is expected in New York City’s restaurants and often calculated at 15% of the bill.

Italian restaurant in Manhattan, New York City
Italian restaurant in Manhattan by Michael Nyika

Eating at moderately priced restaurants cost $25-40 a person but eating at an upscale restaurant can cost up to $200 or even more. There are also the budget priced restaurants and cafes where you can get a decent meal for $15-25. While most restaurants accept credit cards, many smaller establishments insist on cash as payment. Other restaurants may require a minimum purchase if payment is by credit or debit card.

Oyster Bar at Grand Central Terminal, New York City

Oyster Bar at Grand Central Terminal by Daniel Case


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