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New York City has an extensive commuter rail network covering many of the city’s major tourist destinations. However, there are still areas in the city that remain uncovered by the commuter rail network. Commuter buses operated by the city's Mass Transport Authority (MTA) have greater coverage including areas not covered by the rail network. In Manhattan, where the subway routes run in a north-south direction, buses are often the best way for traveling in an east-west direction. Fare boxes on the buses accept coins but will not accept pennies, 50 cent coins, and dollar bills. The exact fare must be paid since change is not given and drivers do not handle money. The MetroCard is a convenient option and you insert the card vertically into the fare box when boarding the bus.
MTA local bus in New York City

MTA local bus in New York City by Adam E. Moreira

Local Buses
Bus lines in New York City are identified by letters followed by numbers. The letters indicate the borough in which the line mostly operates i.e. Manhattan (M), The Bronx (Bx), Brooklyn (B), Queens (Q), and Staten Island (S). Collectively, the letters and numbers make up the route such as M31, Bx9, and M15. Signage at each bus stop indicates the buses that stop. Signage on the front of each bus indicates the route and destination of the bus.

Express Buses
Express buses travel between Manhattan and the outer boroughs, usually to areas not served by the subway such as eastern Queens, eastern Bronx, southeast Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Rides on the express bus cost $5.50 and are comfortable and less crowded than the subway or local buses.
MTA express bus, New York City
MTA express bus by Adam E. Moreira

Limited Buses
Certain north-south buses have a small orange and purple card on the window saying "Limited." Limited buses do not make all local bus stops and stop only at major cross streets. They are similar to express buses but only cost $2.25. You can wait for a local bus if a Limited bus skips your stop.

Select Bus Service
The Select Bus Service (SBS) is similar to the Limited bus and appear as the Bx12 buses in The Bronx and M15 buses in Manhattan. The fare is the standard $2.25 but paid at the machines near a special SBS bus stop. Keep the receipt printed by the machine when boarding the bus for inspection.

Select bus service, New York City

Select bus service by Adam E. Moreira


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