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Driving Rules 

Unlike other places in the United States, right turns on red lights are illegal in New York City unless stated. Talking on a hand-held cell phone (without a hands-free device) while driving is illegal. However, this law is spottily enforced and even if you have a hands-free device, minimize talking and concentrate on your driving. Getting caught for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs can cause the police to seize and auction your car.
East Broadway, New York City

East Broadway by LuHungnguong

Some avenues and many streets are one-way streets. Directions in one-way streets alternate at every other street and the best way to determine a one-way street's direction is to check the direction of the parked cars. On many one-way roads (avenues in particular), the middle lane is designated as the “fire lane” for police and emergency vehicles to pass through. Drive to the side of the road if an emergency vehicles approaches you from behind.
Hudson Heights neighborhood, New York City
Hudson Heights neighborhood by Petri Krohn

Be attentive of your surroundings when you park your car. Though New York City is overall safe for a large city, car thefts are common. There are “red light” cameras at about 100 intersections in the city. A camera will take a picture if you run a red light and a fine will be issued in 30 days. Some bus lanes have video cameras and a camera will take a video if you drive illegally in the bus lane other than to take turn right. Similarly a fine will be issued in 30 days.

Boston Road, New York City

Boston Road by Jim Henderson


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