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Livery cabs or car services are identified by their license plates mentioning either "Livery" or "TLC" on the bottom. Livery cabs can only be called by phone and in most areas not allowed to cruise the streets or airports for passengers, though some will. The cabs are not metered and charge a flat rate based on the destination. Therefore, ask for the fare while on the phone with the dispatcher. Like the yellow cabs, the customary tip is 10-20% of the fare and tolls are separate.
Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York City

Greenpoint in Brooklyn by Kgwo1972

Yellow cabs are hard to come by in Upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs. You generally call for a livery cab in the area, which are often listed in the Yellow Pages. Some livery cabs can be flagged on the street, though technically illegal but an accepted practice in some areas. Since livery cabs to do not have meters, negotiate the fare with the driver after flagging one along the street.

Be wary of unlicensed cars (known as “gypsy cabs”) cruising for passengers. The illegal drivers often claim cheaper fares than the licensed cabs but passengers often end up paying more. You also put your safety at risk since the vehicle would not have gone through regular safety inspections and passengers ride uninsured. Furthermore, unlicensed taxi drivers are not drug-tested, may not have a clean driving record, and may have criminal convictions.

Huguenot Town on Staten Island, New York City

Huguenot Town on Staten Island by Mikeaigotti89


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