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The fare for a subway or local bus ride is $2.25 while the fare for an express bus ride is $5.50. Up to three children and not taller than 44 inches (112 cm) ride free on the subways and local buses if accompanied by a fare paying adult. Children below two years ride free on the express buses if seated on the lap of the accompanying adult. It is possible to board and pay the bus fare using exact change (coins only) but must have a MetroCard to enter the subway system.

The MetroCard is a stored value card issued by the city’s Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA). The card is swiped onto a reader when boarding the bus or entering the subway. You can purchase the card online, at the station booths, vending machines in subway stations, and participating grocery stores and newsstands. The MetroCard is available in various options described below.

Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard
The Pay-Per-Ride (Regular) MetroCard is the best option if you plan to use public transport occasionally and available in amounts from $4.50 to $80. Each local bus or subway ride operated by MTA deducts $2.25 from the MetroCard and each MTA express bus trip deducts $5.50. A ride on the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) subway system deducts $1.75 and on the JFK (Airport) AirTrain deducts $5.00. You can add more money to the MetroCard as its value decreases and there is a 7% bonus for purchases of $10 and above.

You can transfer from subway to subway as often as you like provided you do not exit the subway system by leaving the turnstile or gate. Users of the Regular MetroCard are allowed free transfers between the subway and local bus, between local buses, between express buses, and from the express bus to subway or local bus. If you board a local bus and pay the $2.25 fare with a MetroCard, you can transfer to an express bus for the reduced price of $3.25 instead of the standard $5.50.

Single Ride MetroCard
The Single Ride MetroCard costs $2.50 and only good for a ride on a single journey. The Single Ride MetroCard is valid for two hours after purchase and does not permit free transfers.

Unlimited Ride MetroCard
This MetroCard is available as 7-day ($29) and 30-day ($104) unlimited pass. The Unlimited MetroCard is only valid for use on the subway and local bus but not the express bus, JFK AirTrain, and PATH trains. 

7-Day Express Bus Plus
The card ($50) allows unlimited use on the subway, local bus, and express bus. If you are staying in Staten Island, Queens, or Westchester County and plan to travel to Manhattan, this pass may be advantageous to you. 

JFK-AirTrain 30-Day Unlimited RIde
The card ($40) allows unlimited ride on the JFK AirTrain for 30 days from first use. The AirTrain travels between JFK Airport and Howard Beach and Jamaica Stations, both in Queens.
LIRR Concourse at Penn Station, New York City

LIRR concourse in Penn Station by Leif Knutsen

Metro-North Railroad
The Metro-North Railroad operates a commuter rail service between New York City and the suburbs. In New York City, the terminal is located at Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. Three Metro-North lines operate from Grand Central Terminal including the Hudson Line, Harlem Line, and New Haven Line. The Hudson line covers several destinations in Western Bronx, while the Harlem Line goes through Central Bronx. It is the best way to get to Arthur Avenue (Little Italy) and the New York Botanical Garden in The Bronx.
Metro-North Railroad, New York City
Metro-North Railroad by Cliffy

Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH)
PATH is a subway system operating between Manhattan and the suburbs in New Jersey. The Pay-Per-Ride (Regular) MetroCard can be used as payment on PATH but does not allow free transfers between the MTA subways or buses. PATH covers only a small area of New York City, traveling within Manhattan along Sixth Avenue between 33rd Street and Christopher Street.

Inside a PATH train, New York City

Inside a PATH train by GKtramrunner229


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