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Major Subway Routes 

The following subway routes will get you to many of the popular destinations in New York City, especially Manhattan.

Lexington Avenue Lines
The Lexington Avenue Lines (4, 5, 6 trains) gets to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (4, 5, 6 trains to 86th Street Station or the 6 train to 77th Street Station), Guggenheim Museum (86th Street Station), and other East Side museums in Manhattan. The line also gets to the Statue of Liberty (4, 5 trains to Bowling Green Station), Manhattan's Chinatown (6 train to Canal Street Station), and Yankee Stadium (4 train to 161 Street/Yankee Stadium Station).

Station on the Lexington Avenue Line, New York City

Station on the Lexington Avenue Line by David Shankbone

Seventh Avenue Line
The Seventh Avenue Line (1, 2, 3 trains) serves Broadway above 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue below 42nd Street. The line goes to West Village, Chelsea, TriBeCa, and ferry terminals to Staten Island and Statue of Liberty (1 train to South Ferry Station) and Columbia University (1 train to 116th Street Station).

Eighth Avenue Line
The Eighth Avenue Line (A, C, E trains) serves Eighth Avenue between 14th and 116th Streets, then St. Nicholas Avenue, Broadway, and Ft. Washington Avenue starting at 125th Street in Harlem. Useful to get to the American Museum of Natural History (C train to 81st Street Station), the west side of Central Park (C train to Central Park West), Cloisters Museum (A train to 190th Street Station), JFK Airport (A train to Howard Beach Station and E train to Jamaica Station).
Train on the Eighth Avenue Line, New York City
Train on the Eighth Avenue Line by Oren H.

Sixth Avenue Line
The Sixth Avenue Line (B, D, F, M trains) runs along 6th Avenue from West 4th Street to 57th Street and gets to the Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, and St. Patrick's Cathedral. The D and F trains go to Coney Island, B and D trains stops in Chinatown, and D train stops in Harlem and Yankee Stadium (161 St./Yankee Stadium).

Broadway Line
The Broadway Line (N, Q, R trains) are useful for accessing Chinatown (Canal Station), Union Square, Empire State Building, Times Square, Carnegie Hall, Central Park, and the southern end of  the Upper East Side. The R train also goes down to the Financial District and South Ferry while the N and Q trains go to Brooklyn's Coney Island at Stillwell Avenue Station.

Train on the Broadway Line, New York City

Train on the Broadway Line by Kmf164


Visiting New York
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