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New York City has a diverse population including some of America's wealthiest celebrities and socialites to the homeless. The city’s population has been diverse ever since its founding and settlement by the Dutch. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their descendants from more than 180 countries living in the city and heritage represented in the different ethnic neighborhoods.
Manhattan's Times Square, New York City

Manhattan's Times Square by Nightscream

The neighborhoods of Little Italy in Manhattan, Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and Bensonhurst in Brooklyn are Italian enclaves in the city. There are three major Chinese neighborhoods in New York City namely the Chinatowns in Lower Manhattan, Sunset Park in Brooklyn, and Flushing in Queens. There are also thriving Jewish communities in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Borough Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg.

Brighton Beach in Brooklyn is home for many Russian and other East European immigrants including Ukrainians, Polish, Armenians, and Georgians. Due to its East European character, Brighton Beach is known by the locals as “Little Odessa”. Harlem is the center of African-American culture in New York City while East Harlem still justifies its reputation as a Hispanic neighborhood. However, gentrification and subsequent arrival of new residents is gradually diversifying the ethnic character of the neighborhoods.

Russian bookstore in Brighton Beach, New York City

Russian bookstore in Brighton Beach by 893

English is the primary language spoken by most New Yorkers but common to hear other languages. With the large Latino or Hispanic populations in many neighborhoods, it is not surprising to hear many New Yorkers speaking Spanish. Other languages commonly heard in New York City (especially in the ethnic neighborhoods and among immigrants) include Italian, Russian, Chinese, Russian, and Korean. Some newer immigrants may not speak good English but store owners and those dealing frequently with visitors generally speak good English.

Manhattan's Chinatown, New York City

Manhattan's Chinatown by Norbert Nagel


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