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New York City is one of the leading film cities in the world, home to a large number of cinemas screening from major releases to independent films. New Yorkers love watching movies at the cinemas and even tickets to obscure films at unappealing times of the day can still be sold out. Therefore, it is best to purchase your cinema tickets in advance whenever possible. Many major U.S. studio releases screen earlier in New York City than elsewhere, especially in autumn. 

AMC cinema in Manhattan, New York City

AMC cinema in Manhattan by Andreas Praefcke

The cinema scene in the city range from the independently owned cinemas to the major cineplexes (cinema complex) operated by major cinema operators such as AMC and United Artists. In addition to the commercial cinemas, there are several locations screening films other than mainstream releases.

  • The Film Forum at 209 West Houston Street in Greenwich Village is a stylish theater screening contemporary independent releases and classic repertory films.
  • The Angelika Film Center at 18 West Houston Street in Broadway (short distance from the Film Forum) screens independent and foreign films.
  • Cinema Village at 22 East 12th Street (between University Place and Fifth Avenue) specializes in documentaries, independent, and foreign films.
  • The Film Society at Lincoln Center at155 West 65th Street (Broadway) screens a wide variety of experimental and foreign films.
  • The Anthology Film Archives at 32 Second Avenue screens foreign, independent, experimental, and avant-garde films.

The Museum of Modern Art at 11 West 53rd Street has 22,000 films to its collection and its theater regularly screens classic and foreign films.

Angelika Flim Center, New York City

Angelika Film Center by Nightscream

Film Festivals
The TriBeCa Film Festival is a prominent film festival held in April-May at several cinemas including the TriBeCa Cinemas in Lower Manhattan. The festival screens independent films including foreign films, short films, and documentaries. The Brooklyn International Film Festival is held in June, screening independent films from the United States and around the world. The New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center runs in October, screening great films from around the world.
Sunshine Cinema, New York City

Sunshine Cinema by Beyond My Ken


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