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The American Falls (located completely on the U.S. side in New York State) is the second largest of the three falls that comprise the Niagara Falls. Goat Island (on the US side) separates the American Falls from the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The American Falls account for about 10% of the water flowing over the Niagara Falls, while the rest flows over the Horseshoe Falls. The crest of the American Falls measures 830 feet (250 meters) in width and height, 70 feet (21 meters) at its lowest and 110 feet (34 meters) at its highest.

American Falls, New York State

American Falls by sixlocal

On the U.S. side, you can get a view the American Falls from the bank of the Niagara River along the walkway at Prospect Point Park. It is possible to approach the edge of the falls within just a few feet and get a good view from a steep angle. For another view, head to the Prospect Point Park Observation Tower, standing at height of 282 feet (86 meters) from the base of the gorge. At the base of the observation tower is a dock for boarding the Maid of the Mist boat tour of the Niagara Falls.

Maid of he Midst, Niagara Falls (New York State)

Maid of the Midst at the American Falls by Stan Shebs

You can get a close view of the American Falls from Goat Island and the smaller Luna Island. To get to Goat Island, walk over the Pedestrian Bridge from the mainland. Another bridge is the American Rapids Bridge but only opens to vehicle traffic. To get to Luna Island for a closer view of the American Falls, you have to cross a small pedestrian bridge from Goat Island. Besides walking, the Niagara Scenic Trolley takes visitors on a trip on the mainland along the American Falls and around Goat Island. 

American Falls from Goat Island, New York State

American Falls from Goat Island by DRosenbach


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