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Niagara Adventure Theater 


The Niagara Adventure Theater is located at the lower level of the Visitor Center in New York’s Niagara Falls State Park. Produced by Academy Award winning producer Kieth Merrill, the large-screen theater brings to life the history including myths and legends of the Niagara Falls. Patrons will get to know about the Native Americans who were the original settlers in the Niagara Falls area and learn about their life, culture, and beliefs. Also get to know about the early European explorers and settlers as well as the daredevils who dared challenge the Niagara Falls with their death defying stunts.

Niagara Falls Visitor Center, New York State

Niagara Falls Visitor Center by Daniel Mayer

More than 14 million viewers have seen the movie at the Niagara Adventure Theater titled “Niagara Falls Movie: Legends of Adventure”. The theater is a 275-seat auditorium with a 45-foot (14 meters) screen - the seating arrangement ensures an excellent view wherever you are seated. The movie last for 45-minutes and the Dolby Digital sound technology gives sonic realism to the screening. The theater opens from early May to late December and screened hourly. Headsets are available for listening in Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and German. 

Location: 1 Prospect Park, Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Website: Niagara Movie

Tel: 716-278-5040


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