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Niagara Gorge Discovery Center 


The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center is a hands-on museum located north of Rainbow Bridge. The museum is devoted to the local and natural history of the area including the Niagara Falls, Niagara Gorge, and Niagara River. Exhibits include geological collections of fossils, rock layers, and minerals as well as interactive displays. The museum also features a theater screening a 13-minute presentation about the Niagara River and Niagara Falls over the past 12,000 years. The Discovery Center opens on Saturdays and Sundays from early May to late June and from early September to late October. The Center opens seven days a week from late June to early September. 

Niagara Gorge Discovery Center, Niagara Falls (New York State)

Niagara Gorge Discovery Center by Andy Arthur

The Discovery Center is also the base for the Niagara Gorge Trailhead Center, which offers great hiking and biking trails that includes the Robert Moses Parkway Trail, Whirlpool State Park, and Devil's Hole State Park. Be prepared for steep walks along some parts of the trails and advised to wear sturdy shoes. Guided hikes are also offered for a small fee during the summer months.
  • The Great Gorge Scenic Overlook Hike is the shortest of the guided hikes and takes about an hour.
  • The Upper Great Gorge Hike is an easy two-hour hike along the Great Gorge Railway Trail.
  • The Devil's Hole Rapids and Giant Rock is a moderate-level hike taking two and a half hours.
  • The Whirlpool Rapids Adventure Hike is a difficult three-hour hike including steep walks.

Location: Niagara Falls State Park, Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Website: Niagara Falls State Park

Tel: 716-278-1070


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