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Rainbow Bridge
The Rainbow Bridge crosses the Niagara River, connecting the U.S. city of Niagara Falls with the Canadian city of the same name. On the U.S. side, the Rainbow Bridge is located in the city’s downtown area with several state and national routes ending near the bridge including Route 104, 384, and the Robert Moses State Parkway. On the Canadian side, the bridge is part of Highway 420. The bridge is open to pedestrians, bicycles, cars, but not commercial trucks. The toll for each pedestrian and bicycle is 50 cents and $3.25 for cars, payable in U.S. or Canadian currency. Pedestrian and bicycle tolls are paid when leaving Canada and car tolls paid when leaving the United States.

Rainbow Bridge, Niagara River

Rainbow Bridge across Niagara River by Ad Meskens

Queenston-Lewiston Bridge
The Queenston-Lewiston Bridge is located north of the U.S. and Canadian cities of Niagara Falls, in the towns of Lewiston in the United States and Queenston in Canada. The bridge looks exactly like the Rainbow Bridge, and part of Interstate 190 in the United States and King’s Highway 405 in Canada. Unlike the Rainbow Bridge, you cannot walk across the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge. The bridge is only open to cars, buses, recreational vehicles (RVs), and commercial trucks. The toll is $3.25 (U.S. or Canadian currency), paid when leaving the United States. There is a duty-free shop on the U.S. and Canadian side of the bridge.
Queenston-Lewiston Bridge across the Niagara River

Queenston-Lewiston Bridge by TwinsMetsFans


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