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Table Rock offers the best vantage point for viewing the Niagara Falls from Canada. You can see the majestic Horseshoe (Canadian) Falls up close and slightly further away, the American Falls and smaller Bridal Veil Falls. From here, you not only see but also feel the power of the Niagara Falls. Being a popular spot to view the Falls, the crowd at Table Rock can make it difficult to get a good photo or video shoot. To get away from the crowd, come early morning to Table Rock. Remember to check your camera or video lens before making a shoot because of mist created by the Falls.

Table Rock, Niagara Falls (Canada)

Table Rock & Horseshoe Falls by JohnnyAlbert10

You should take the opportunity to see the Niagara Falls from several points to fully appreciate this wonder of nature. The 520-feet (160 meters) Skylon Tower, offers a panoramic view of the Falls from the observation deck at the top. A ride and entry to the observation deck cost around C$14 for adults (13 years above) and C$8 for kids (2-12 years). If you dine at the Revolving Dining Room or Summit Suite Buffet at the top, viewing from the observation deck is free. There are also helicopter tours over the Niagara Falls and surrounding areas, with several helicopter operators in the area. Rides last 10-15 minutes and cost around C$130 for adults and C$85 for kids.

Horseshoe Falls from Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls (Canada)

Horseshoe Falls from Skylon Tower by Ad Meskens

You can take the Maid of the Mist boat tours (April to October) from either the U.S. or Canadian side of the Niagara River. In Canada, the boats dock at the foot of Clifton Hill, leaving the dock every 15-20 minutes and the ride last about 20 minutes. On the tour you get to sail up close to the basin of the powerful Niagara Falls – be prepared to get wet though a poncho is provided. The Journey Behind the Falls is an alternative, especially when the Maid of the Mist is not in operation. The journey takes you 13 floors below the Horseshoe Falls and you can experience the power of the water rushing to the basin. Expect to get wet and again a poncho is provided.
Journey Behind the Falls, Niagara Falls (Canada)

Journey Behind the Falls by Share Bare


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