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Canada’s Niagara Falls in Ontario is the sister city of Niagara Falls in New York. The Canadian city is situated on the western and U.S. city on the eastern bank of the Niagara River. The Rainbow Bridge connects the two cities, opening to pedestrians and vehicles except commercial trucks. Like the U.S. city, the main attraction in the Canadian city is the Niagara Falls, attracting millions of visitors each year. However, the Canadian city offers a different view of the Falls, with the best views of the Horseshoe Falls and American Falls from here.

Niagara Falls from Canada

Niagara Falls from Canada by Jarekt

Both sides attract millions of tourists, but the U.S. city suffers from a prolonged economic gloom while the Canadian city is experiencing an economic boom brought by tourism. Beyond the Niagara Falls, the Canadian city offers more attractions, a lively downtown area, and vibrant nightlife. However, the Canadian side is much more touristy and ready to empty your wallet, while the U.S. side is less commercialized. Though much of the Canadian area along the river is parkland, the U.S. side has done a better job in preserving nature including several states parks.

Downtown Niagara Falls, Canada

Downtown Niagara Falls by Dirk Ingo Franke

Many of the other attractions are located near the Niagara Falls and nearby each other that you can get around on foot. Nevertheless, expect the area to be crowded with visitors during the tourist season (May to October), which reaches its peak during the summer months. If you need transport, the city has a good public transport system and taxis are available. If you plan to stay, Canada’s Niagara Falls offers more than 150 hotels, motels, bed & breakfast inns, and hostels of various ratings. Expect to pay premium rates for rooms nearer or with a view of the Falls.
Niagara Falls & Sheraton Hotel

Niagara Falls and Sheraton Hotel by Pam Flanders


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