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Downtown Niagara Falls
Downtown Niagara Falls (also known as the South End) is the area of the city adjoining Niagara Falls State Park. It is the city’s main tourist district, especially south of Niagara Street. Several of the city’s hotels are located here but not many luxury hotels – many are in the 1-3 star categories. It is also where many of the city’s shops and restaurants are located. However, the charm of Downtown Niagara Falls has declined, though there are efforts to restore the area to its original grandeur, especially along Falls Streets. The downtown area is still the best place stay in Niagara Falls, since many of the area’s attractions and conveniences are located here and reachable on foot.

Downtown Niagara Falls, New York State

Downtown Niagara Falls by Steve Voght

Little Italy
Little Italy in Niagara Falls is situated along Pine Avenue, between Portage Road and Hyde Park Boulevard. It is historically the home to a large Italian-American community and still serves as the center of Italian-American culture in the city. The area is occupied by restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, and major landmarks include St. Joseph's Church and Columbus Square Park. Little Italy is also the venue for summer concerts and the city’s annual Italian Festival.

Niagara Street
Niagara Street is located the area known as the city’s East Side. It is the historic home of the German, Polish, and other East European immigrants who settled in the city during the 19th and into the early 20th century. Newer immigrants in the neighborhood include South Asians (mainly from India) and you can find several South Asian restaurants located along Niagara Street. The East Side continues to be a diverse working-class neighborhood. 

LaSalle is largely a middle class neighborhood situated along the Niagara River within 56th Street in the west, 104th Street in the east, and Niagara Falls Boulevard in the north. The neighborhood is the site of the infamous Love Canal, a toxic waste landfill that was sold to the city to build a school in the early 1950s. There are several if not many retail establishments located along Military Road and Niagara Falls Boulevard.


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