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Queens, New York City 


Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach is a neighborhood and long stretch of beach along the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. The beach is second only to Coney Island as a popular beach destination in New York City. A boardwalk runs along the beach from Beach 73rd Street to Beach 109th Street. Facilities along the beach include playgrounds, basketball courts, handball courts, barbecuing areas, and bathroom facilities.
Rockaway Peninsula, Queens (New York City)

Rockaway Peninsular by Bjoerdtvedt 

Besides swimming and sunbathing, Rockaway Beach is the only surfing beach in New York City and therefore popular with surfers. Other beach activities along Rockaway Beach include fishing and common fishes caught include stripped bass and bluefish. Walking further away from the boardwalk the beach gets secluded and the perfect place for a quiet stroll.

Rockaway Beach, Queens (New York City)

Rockaway Beach by US Army Corp of Engineers 

Location: Beach 3 Street to Beach 153 Street and Boardwalk to Atlantic, Queens.

Website: City of New York Parks & Recreation


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