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From Upper Manhattan, the Queens neighborhood of Astoria is just across New York City’s East River, accessible by subway trains on the Broadway Line. You can find many of the restaurants in Astoria located along Ditmar Boulevard, Broadway, 30th Avenue, and 31st Avenue. Due to lower rentals, eating out in Astoria cost less than at a similar restaurant in Manhattan, and furthermore dining here is more relaxed and casual. Like Manhattan, the neighborhood has its fair share of ethnic restaurants but many New Yorkers consider the traditional foods served in Astoria as more authentic as served for generations.

For many New Yorkers, the things that come into mind when eating out in Astoria are the Greek restaurants including taverna. The neighborhood is the hub for Greek dining in New York City, where traditional dishes are prepared the old fashion way. Greek cooking makes wide use of herbs, olives, olive oil, cheese, yogurt, zucchini, fish, lamb, and poultry. Popular Greek dishes include moussaka, pikilia, saganaki, meze, pastitsio, and not to forget the humble kebab. The traditional pita bread and olive oil often takes the place of bread and butter in Astoria.

Greek taverna in Queens, New York City

Greek taverna in Astoria by Krista

Not everything is about Greek food in Astoria, though they feature prominently in the neighborhood. Immigrants from the world have settled here and introduced their various dishes. From the takeaways to fine dining, options include Italian, East European, Middle Eastern, Latin American including Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese to name a few. There are also the American diners, restaurants, and steakhouses. Many establishments in Astoria are in the mid-price range with a smattering of cheap eats and upscale restaurants.

Mexican restaurant in Astoria, Queens (New York City)

Mexican restaurant in Astoria by Aude


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