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The neighborhood of Flushing in Queens is home to one of the three Chinatowns in New York City - the other Chinatowns are in the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Chinatown area in this neighborhood is around Union Street, Main Street, and Roosevelt Avenue. It is home to a large East Asian community of mainly Chinese, with Koreans next. Chinatown has a distinctive Chinese flavor and a paradise for Chinese foods. There are also the smattering of Korean restaurants and even fewer Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian eateries in this Asian enclave.

When it comes to Chinese food, Flushing’s Chinatown is a treasure trove in New York City with its baffling array of choices - there is a restaurant at nearly every street corner. Here, you can get a bowl of soupy noodles or congee for less than $5 or satisfy yourself to a dim sum meal for $15-$20. You can find foods from nearly every region of China here, with their unique preparation and distinct taste. Cantonese foods are the most prominent on the menu, followed by dishes from the Fujian and Shanghai regions of China.

Chinese takeaway, Queens (New York City)

Chinese takeaway in Flushing's Chinatown by Jason Lam

Most of the restaurants are in the mid-price range, offering a decent meal for as little as $15 a person. For cheap Chinese eats, go to the Golden Shopping Mall in Main Street. Though named as a shopping mall, it is actually a food mall with little stalls cramped next to each other. With the stalls’ low overheads, you can get a good Chinese meal beyond noodles for $8-10. The Flushing Mall Food Court, in Prince Street, is another destination for cheap Chinese foods. You can get three steam buns for a $1, bowl of noodles for $4, and filling rice combo meal for $10.

Chinese cheap eat in Queens, New York City

Chinese eatery in Chinatown by Jason Lam


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