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The neighborhood of Jackson Heights in Queens is home to a large South Asian community, mainly from India followed by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. The centrepoint of the South Asian community in Queens (as well as New York City) is an enclave known as Little India, situated along 74th Street (between 37th Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue) and the surrounding area. Therefore, it is not surprising that the best destination in New York City for South Asian foods is Little India.

Most of the South Asian eateries are Indian establishments, though there are several Pakistani and a few Bangladeshi eateries as well. Spicy curry and masala dishes, tandoori, biryani rice, and varieties of flat-breads (naan, dosa, and chapatis) are popular on the menu. With Little India’s colorful South Asian character, you probably think you were eating at a restaurant somewhere in Bombay. You can get a good meal at the restaurants here for $15-$20 and as little as $5 from the takeaways.

Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens (New York City)

Indian diner in Jackson Heights by Jim Henderson

Smaller but significant in number is the Hispanic community in Jackson Heights. Along with the Hispanic ocmmunity, comes with it the Latin American restaurants and cafes. Many are located nearby Little India, along Roosevelt and 37th Avenues (between Junction Boulevard and 76th Street). Plenty of Mexican restaurants here serving the traditional fare (cemitas, huevos rancheros, and tacos to name a few) but the majority are are Pan-American, a fusion of different foods from various countries of Latin America.

Latin American restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens (New York City)

Latin American restaurant in Jackson Heights by Krista


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