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Queens is a potpourri of ethnicity and cultures, and along with it foods from around the world. American, Italian, Latin American, Greek, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, and Thai are just some of the foods you will find in the borough. While you can also find these foods in Manhattan, the difference in Queens is the traditional preparation giving the foods an authentic taste. Manhattan is cosmopolitan and a fusion of cultures as well as a touristy destination, thus foods cater to the yuppies and tourist crowd. Queens is insular, home of various nationalities living within their own communities, thus food preparations tend to be traditional.

Italian deli in Queens, New York City

Italian deli in Queens by Aude

With lower rentals compared to Manhattan or even Brooklyn, eating out in Queens often cost less. A major dining destination is the Astoria neighborhood, home to many traditional Greek restaurants and taverna. The atmosphere here is casual and relaxed and popular Greek dishes include moussaka, pikilia, saganaki, meze, pastitsio, and kebab. Besides Greek, Astoria is also home to other culinary experiences from around the world. Another popular neighborhood in Queens is Forest Hills, an upscale neighborhood with a mix of American, Italian, Latin American, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants.

Restaurants in Astoria, Queens (New York City)

Restaurants in Astoria by InSapphoWeTrust

Within the neighborhood of Flushing is Chinatown, a paradise and treasure trove for Chinese and Korean foods. The Chinese foods served here are mainly Cantonese-style dishes, though you can find dishes from the Fujian and Shanghai regions of China. Chinatown offers plenty of cheap eats where you can have a bowl of noodles for as low as $4 and a rice combo meal for $10. For spicy curry and masala dishes cooked the old fashion way, then head to Little India in the Jackson Heights neighborhood. Popular on the menu are the tandooris, biryani rice, and varieties of flat-breads including naan, dosa, and chapatis.

Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens (New York City)

Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights by Jim Henderson


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