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Major movie theater groups in Queens include AMC and United Artist, operating many of the multiplex cinemas in the borough. Among the larger movie theaters in Queens is the Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas located at Jamaica Avenue in the neighborhood of Jamaica. The multiplex has 15 screens showing first run movies from major film producers. Another large movie theater is the College Point Multiplex Cinemas in Whitestone with 12 screens showing first run movies and blockbusters.

There are also the independent theaters screening indie films including art films, classics, and foreign language films. Cinearts Cinema at Forest Hill is an independent theater with a five-screen cinema showing lesser-known independent films as well as major releases. Another independent theater is Kew Gardens Cinemas in Kew Gardens, housed in an art deco building built in the 1930s. The theater uses digital projections and Dolby digital sound, screening mainly art films, which are often indie hits.

Movie theater in Queens, New York City

Fair Theater in Elmhurst neighborhood by Vernon Pearson

The Museum of Moving Image in Astoria is devoted to the history and technology of film, television, and digital media with more than 130,000 collections. The museum screens over 300 films each year, which are mainly American classics and latest releases from the international film circuit. If you are into or curious about Indian movies, then head to Big Cinemas Bombay Theater in Flushing and the Eagle Theater in Jackson Heights. The theaters screen mainly Bollywood movies with its usual mix of drama, comedy, dance, and singing.

Museum of Moving Images, Queens (New York City)

Museum of Moving Images by NickCPrior


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