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Thalia Spanish Theatre

The Thalia Spanish Theatre is the only bilingual (Spanish and English) Hispanic theater in Queens, promoting a diversity of Spanish, Latin American, and Hispanic American culture in New York City. Founded by actress and director Silvia Brito, the Thalia Spanish Theatre first opened in 1977. Since then, the theater has produced more than 170 shows in both Spanish and English (held on separate days of the week).
Thalia Spanish Theatre in Queens, New York City

Thalia Theatre by Thalia Spanish Theatre

The theater has earned a reputation in New York City as a leader in the Spanish theater movement. Productions include contemporary plays, musicals, folklore, zarzuela, and dance representing different forms of Hispanic cultures. Other programs include tango musicals and flamenco. The organization also hosts the Thalia Free Outdoor Festival featuring music and dance every June at Thomson Hill Park.

Location: 41-17 Greenpoint Avenue, Sunnyside, Queens, New York, NY11104

Website: Thalia Spanish Theatre


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