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Queens, New York City 

Getting Around


By Car
Car rentals are available to get around Queens, but driving yourself is a challenge if you are unfamiliar with the roads. Finding street parking is another challenge and often expensive, but there are municipal car parks that make parking a little easier. There are not many yellow cabs in Queens compared to Manhattan, and an alternative is to phone for a livery cab. Livery cab companies charge their fares based on the destination but hourly rates are available.

Street in Queens, New York City

Street in Forest Hills, Queens, by Masterofzen

By Subway Train
Using the city’s subway trains to get around Queens is a much cheaper alternative than the cabs. Seven subway lines on 12 routes pass through Queens, making stops in more than 80 stations. Main transfer stations include Queens Plaza, Jackson Heights, Roosevelt Avenue, Broadway Junction, and Archer Avenue. Another train system is the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), passing through 20 stations in Queens.

Jamaica Line subway train in Queens, New York City

Jamaica Line in Queens by Adam E. Moreira

By Bus
There are more than 100 bus routes (operated by the Metropolitan Transport Authority) covering Queens. These buses complement routes (in Queens) not covered by the subway trains and Long Island Rail Road. The neighborhoods of Jamaica and Flushing in Queens serve as the hub for several bus routes. The neighborhoods also serve as the main transfer point between buses, subway trains, and the Long Island Rail Road. 

Public transport bus in Queens, New York City

MTA bus in Queens by Adam E. Moreira


Visiting New York
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