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Queens, New York City 

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Manhattan to Queens
Queens is conveniently accessible from Manhattan by the New York City’s subway trains, buses, ferries, and cabs. However, taking the cab is costly and the bus can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the city. Subway trains offer a cheaper yet convenient alternative with frequent departures between Manhattan and Queens. From Midtown Manhattan, subway trains depart from Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Times Square, and Grand Central Terminal to several stations in the Queens neighborhoods.

Brooklyn to Queens
There are several subway lines directly connecting Brooklyn with Queens. These include the Lexington Avenue Express (Line 4 & 5), Crosstown Local (Line G), Eighth Avenue Express (Line A), and Eighth Avenue Local (Line C). The city’s MTA buses (namely Q7, Q8, Q24, Q35, Q54, Q56, and Q59 lines) also offer services between Brooklyn and Queens. Yellow cabs are available from Brooklyn but often hard to find one on the streets, and therefore best to call for a livery cab.

Steinway Subway Station, Queens (New York City)

Subway station in Queens by Aude

The Bronx to Queens
There are three bridges linking The Bronx with Queens. If planning to use a cab from The Bronx, call for a livery cab instead since there are not many yellow cabs here. MTA local buses travel between Co-op City, in East Bronx, and Flushing, in Queens. There are no direct subway links between The Bronx and Queens, but there are subway interchanges in Midtown Manhattan at Lexington Avenue, Grand Central, and Times Square Stations that can connect you to Queens.

Staten Island to Queens
Buses depart from Silver Lake Park on Staten Island to Bay Bridge in Brooklyn, crossing the Verrazano Bridge. The bus journey between Staten Island and Brooklyn takes about 20 minutes. From Brooklyn, there are several bus and subway lines heading to Queens. Another option is to take the Staten Island Ferry to Lower Manhattan and then board the subway trains to Queens.

Verrazano Bridge linking Staten Island & Queens, New York City

Verrazano Bridge by H.L.I.T.


Visiting New York
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