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Cunningham Park

Cunningham Park is a 358-acre (145 ha) park in Queens, situated between the Grand Central Parkway and Long Island Expressway. Originally named Hillside Park, New York City acquired the park in the 1920s. A number of roads cut through the park, dividing Cunningham Park into several sections. Overall well maintained, Cunningham Park is one of the larger parks in Queens and features large areas of open space, tree covered areas, paths and trails, playing fields and courts, and other recreational facilities.
Cunningham Park, Queens (New York City)

Walkway through Cunningham Park by silveryyn

Cunningham Park has a rolling terrain formed by glaciers nearly 20,000 years ago. The rolling terrain makes the park popular with bikers with several biking paths through the terrain including trails. A popular hiking trail is the South Preserve Trail, which stretches for nearly three miles (5 km). There are also unnamed trails within the park passing through the hardwood forest. Other facilities at Cunningham Park include dog runs, playgrounds for kids, barbecuing areas, basketball courts, and volleyball courts.

Road through Cunningham Park, Queens (New York City)

Francis L. Boulevard through Cunningham Park by DoomDan515

Location: Clearview Expressway, Union Turnpike, and Francis Lewis Boulevard passes through Cunningham Park.

Website: City of New York Parks & Recreation


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