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Kissena Park

Kissena Park is a 235-acre (95 ha) park in the Queens neighborhood of Flushing. The park lies along Kissena Creek, which once flowed into the Flushing River before emptying into the East River. It is the heart of the Kissena Corridor Park, part of a continuous chain of parks (stretching for several miles) along New York City’s Brooklyn-Queens Greenway. Bordering Kisssena Park are Kissena Boulevard in the west, Rose and Oak Avenues in the north, Pidgeon Meadow Road in the east, and Booth Memorial Avenue in the south.
Kissena Park, Queens (New York City)

Kissena Park by Jim Henderson

Besides the green open space, there are several forested areas and spots of shady trees. Within the park is Kissena Lake, a small yet scenic lake and the perfect place for a picnic or lazing under the sky on a sunny day. The park is also a popular destination with bicyclists, joggers, and strollers. Facilities here include a public golf course, playing fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, fitness paths, and playgrounds for kids. There is also an asphalt road velodrome for bike racing on the south side.

Kissena Lake, Queens (New York City)

Kissena Lake by Zouf

Location: Between Booth Memorial Avenue, Rose Avenue, and Oak Avenue.

Website: City of New York Parks & Recreation


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