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Queens, New York City 




The main retail district in the Flushing neighborhood is the downtown area of Chinatown, located around Roosevelt Avenue, Union Street, and Main Street. Chinatown in Queens is not the typical shopping destination for most visitors to New York City unless you are searching for Asian-made items and imports. Many of the shops here are Asian-owned businesses namely Chinese and Koreans. Here, you can find shops selling Chinese and Korean books, traditional herbal remedies, music CDs and videos, and supermarkets selling Asian foodstuffs.

Queens Crossing Mall is a small shopping mall in Chinatown targeting the more affluent Chinese residents of New York City. You are in the right place at Queens Crossing Mall if you are shopping for the cream of Asian luxury brands. The classy Asian restaurants here are also some of the most expensive in New York City. The Flushing Mall is an Asian shopping mall located just outside Chinatown along Prince Street. The mall targets the average East Asian shopper and therefore feels more like an Asian bazaar than an American shopping mall.

Chinatown in Queens, New York City

Chinatown in Queens by Jim Henderson


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