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Queens, New York City 




Jamaica may not be on the list of destinations for most visitors to New York City. However, this neighborhood of Queens is definitely the place for bargain shopping. The shopping district here is the downtown area, namely along Jamaica Avenue. Due to crime, avoid the area at night when the stores close and the streets nearly deserted of pedestrians. It is different during the day with the hordes of shoppers and every year, Jamaica receives nearly 10,000 buses chartered to bring in shoppers from outside New York City, whose only purpose is to shop.

Jamaica Avenue is not the destination for high-price premium brands but definitely for bargain hunters searching for good quality. Prices are at a bargain here due to the low rentals and numerous stores competing for customers. Stores in the area range from the independent stores to retail chains including department stores. Clothes, shoes, electronics, kitchenware, bedding, gift items, and jewelry are some of the merchandise you can find here. It is a mecca for clothes and the place for the latest in the hip-hop clothing line. 

Jamaica Avenue, Queens (New York City)

Jamaica Avenue by Tony Fischer


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