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You will not find any premier shopping street or that many fashionable stores in Queens like there are in Manhattan. Thus, visitors to New York City often pass over Queens for Manhattan as a shopping destination. This does not mean there is no shopping scene in New York City’s largest borough. There is plenty, though best known to local New Yorkers and residents in the outskirts. Queens is just a stone throw away across the East River from Manhattan, and many of the major shopping destinations in the borough are reachable by subway trains.

Shopping in Forest Hill, Queens (New York City)

Shopping in Forest Hill by Masterofzen

There are several shopping malls in the borough, which are home to well-known brands and retailers including Macy’s, JC Penny, Payless, Victoria’s Secret, and Foot Locker. The largest shopping mall in Queens has to be the Queens Center, occupying 966,000 sq. feet (90,000sq. meters) of shopping space and home to more than 150 tenants. The Queens Place Mall is a smaller cousin of Queens Center and housed in five-floor building shaped in a circle. Another is The Shops at Atlas Park, themed as a lifestyle mall with its distinguished portfolio of tenants.

Queens Place Mall, New York City

Queens Place Mall by Jim Henderson

Searching for imports from China or Korea? Then head to Chinatown in the neighborhood of Flushing. Here you will find shops selling Chinese and Korean books, traditional remedies, foodstuff, music CDs, and videos. For imports from South Asia (namely India), there is Little India in the Jackson Heights neighborhood where you can find from foodstuffs to jewelry. Jamaica Avenue is a well-known destination in New York City for bargain hunting, a mecca for shoppers with countless stores selling from clothes to electronics.

Chinatown in Flushing, Queens (New York City)

Chinatown in Flushing by Nutmegger


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