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Staten Island Ferry

A ride on the Staten Island Ferry is one of the best attractions that New York City has to offer and it is free! The Staten Island Ferry sails between the Whitehall Ferry Terminal in Lower Manhattan and the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island. The ferry service began 1905, and since then has been a popular form of transport taking more than 20 million passengers each year between Manhattan and Staten Island. The New York City Department of Transportation manages the ferry service, operating throughout the week 24 hours a day. It is a passenger only service but passengers can bring their bicycles to the storage area on the ferry when boarding.
Staten Island Ferry, New York City

Staten Island Ferry docking in Manhattan by Andy C

The ferry ride takes 20-25 minutes each way over a distance of five miles (8 km) between the two ferry terminals. Ferries depart every 15-20 during the rush hours, decreasing to every 30 minutes by midday, and hourly by midnight. The ride is an attraction in itself, passing through some of the most scenic areas of the New York Bay area. Towards the east, the ferry offers panoramic views of Lower Manhattan’s skyline, New York Harbor, Governors Island, and the New Jersey shoreline. Towards the west, the ferry passes Ellis Island, the majestic Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, and the New Jersey shoreline.
Staten Island Ferry & Statue of Liberty, New York City

Staten Island Ferry and Statue of Liberty by Joe Mabel

As the ferry approaches Staten Island’s North Shore, the neighborhood of St. George and St. George Ferry Terminal becomes visible. The ferry terminal on Staten Island was once a rundown looking area but has been redeveloped and transformed into a pleasant and well-lighted terminal. There are large windows at the terminal offering views of Staten Island’s harbor area. There are two large aquariums inside the terminal, and each tank is home to 200 tropical fish. Another feature of the terminal is the 18,000 sq. foot (1,670 sq. meter) living roof, supporting a variety of local flora and viewable from the top of the terminal building.

St George Ferry Terminal, Staten Island (New York City)

Aquarium at the St. George Ferry Terminal by Stepan Roh

Location: In Manhattan – Whitehall Ferry Terminal in the southern tip of Manhattan, where Whitehall Street and South Street converge. On Staten Island – St. George Ferry Terminal at Richmond Terrace.

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