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Staten Island Zoo

Staten Island Zoo is another urban zoo in New York City but a small zoo covering only eight acres (3 ha). It first opened in 1936 and situated on Staten Island’s North Shore. The zoo is on the former estate of Julia Harden, who donated the grounds to the city upon her death. While the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) operates the other zoos in New York City, the Staten Island Zoological Society operates Staten Island Zoo. Though a small zoo, it is one of the major attractions on the island with over 400 animals from more than 200 species. 
Entrance to Staten Island Zoo, New York City

Entrance to Staten Island Zoo by Jim Henderson

Staten Island Zoo is synonymous with snakes and the Reptile Wing is home to several species of snakes. The zoo also has one of the largest and complete collections of rattlesnakes from the United States, home to nearly 40 varieties. The African Savannah houses animals from the grasslands of southern and central Africa including leopards, meerkats, and mandrills. Other features of Staten Island Zoo include a tropical forest, aquarium, “New England” farm complete with farm animals, and separate enclosures for otters and bobcats. 

Staten Island Zoo by ScubaBear68

Location: 614 Broadway, Staten Island, New York, NY 10310

Website: Staten Island Zoo

Tel: 718-442-3101

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