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Staten Island is another borough that does not receive the amount of attention that it deserves as a tourist destination in New York City, unlike Manhattan or even Brooklyn. For many visitors, the only itinerary to Staten Island is the free ride on the Staten Island Ferry and then a short walk around the island’s ferry terminal before returning to Manhattan on the ferry. Staten Island is a gem of attractions, offering more than just the Staten Island Ferry, namely its history, culture, and architecture.

Staten Island Ferry, New York City

Staten Island Ferry by Maria Azzurra Mugnai

A visit to Staten Island always begins with the Staten Island Ferry from Lower Manhattan, unless you decide to get to the island from Brooklyn by crossing the Verrazano Bridge. Sit (stand if you wish) and relax on the ferry, while enjoying magnificent views of Lower Manhattan, New York Harbor, Statue of Liberty, and the New Jersey shoreline. If you can only spare one attraction on the island after the Staten Island Ferry, then head to the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. It is home to 28 buildings constructed in the late 19th century and a botanical garden. 

Snug Harbor, Staten Island (New York City)

Cottage at Snug Harbor by GK tramrunner229

The St. George Theatre opened in 1926 and today a major performance venue on Staten Island for dance, plays, music concerts, and comedies. The Staten Island Zoo maybe a small zoo with only 400 animals but has one of the largest collections of rattlesnakes from the United States. Historic Richmond Town is a living museum, home to several restored buildings constructed from the late 17th to early 20th century. The more than 200-year-old Fort Wadsworth once guarded New York Harbor and now part of the National Gateway Recreational Area.

Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island (New York City)

Fort Wadsworth by Jim Henderson


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