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Freshwater Fishing


Wolfe’s Pond Park
Wolfe’s Pond Park is sitiuated on Staten Island’s South Shore, with the Hyland Boulevard passing through in an east-west direction. Within the southern section of the park is the 15-acre (6 ha) Wolfe’s Pond, a popular year round destination for freshwater fishing. Wolfe’s Pond is one of the best places on Staten Island for freshwater fishing and fishes here including black crappie, bullhead catfish, white perch, and blue gill. If that is not enough, you can walk to nearby Wolfe’s Pond Beach for surf fishing in the saltwater.

Wolfe's Pond Park, Staten Island (New York City)

Wolfe's Pond Park by Jim Henderson

Acme Pond
Acme Pond is another pond in Wolfe’s Pond Park, situated north of Hyland Boulevard. While Wolfe’s Pond is well-known and popular with local anglers, Acme Pond is somewhat hidden and little known. The area around Acme Pond was once farmland but abandoned in the mid-19th century and now dominated by magnificent forest. Large bass are known to thrive in the pond and other fishes include the bluehead catfish and blue gill. Acme Pond is also home to several species of turtles and salamanders.

Silver Lake Park
Silver Lake Park is situated on Staten Island’s North Shore, where Forest Avenue converges with Victory Boulevard. The park is home to Silver Lake Reservoir, the endpoint for New York City’s Catskill water supply system. The area surrounding the reservoir has a beautiful landscape with plantings of shady trees including oak, tulip trees, spruce, pine, and various shrubs.  The water here is clean that you can see the fish in the water. Fishes seen in Silver Lake Reservoir include blue gill, largemouth bass, and bluehead catfish.

Willowbrook Park
Willowbrook Park is part of Staten Island’s Greenbelt, a system of contiguous parks that is three times larger than Central Park in Manhattan. Within the park is the five-acre (2 ha) Willowbrook Lake, located off Victory Boulevard and adjacent to Morani Street. Willowbrook Lake is a shallow foot-shaped lake with a maximum depth of only five feet (1.5 meters). This scenic lake offers a relaxing day of fishing under a serene setting. Fishes caught include the largemouth bass, pumpkinseeds, panfish, and common carp.


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