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Pier Fishing


St. George Fishing Pier
The St. George Fishing Pier (Pier 1) is the northernmost fishing pier on Staten Island. The pier is a short distance from the St. George Ferry Terminal, where the Staten Island Ferry sails to and from Lower Manhattan – conveniently accessible if you are coming from Manhattan. The dock is 845 feet (258 meters) long and offers a nice breeze on a hot day. Besides being a popular fishing spot on Staten Island, the pier is a strategic point for viewing New York Harbor and Manhattan in the distance. The water around the pier is home to various fishes including striped bass, porgy, blackfish, bluefish, and flounder.

Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier
The Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier juts out into the sea from South Beach and at 835 feet (256 meters) is one of the longest fishing piers in New York City. The pier’s distance into the sea offers plenty of opportunities for deep water angling, making the pier a popular fishing spot on the island. Unlike conventional straight piers, Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier has wavy edges and T-shaped at the end, which reduces the effects of the shade on the water and fish below. The pier is equipped with restrooms and stations for anglers to clean their fish. Fishes caught include bluefish, weakfish, and striped bass.

Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier, Staten Island (New York City)

Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier by Shannon

Lemon Creek Fishing Pier
Lemon Creek Fishing Pier is located at the south end of Sharrott Avenue on Staten Island’s South Shore. The pier’s other name is Dorothy Fitzpatrick Fishing Pier, in memory of the community activist involved in many civic and environmental issues in New York City before her death in 1998. It is a small pier compared to the other two piers, measuring only 10 feet (3 meters) wide and extending 250 feet (76 meters) into Princes Bay. However, the area is a rich fishing ground for striped bass, flounder, and weakfish. The road to the pier has improved and there is parking space for nearly 40 cars.

Lemon Creek Park, Staten Island (New York City)

Lemon Creek Park by Jim Henderson


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