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Fort Wadsworth
The beach at Fort Wadsworth is located on Staten Island’s East Shore, under the Verrazano Bridge and facing the Narrows. Be careful during high tide, there are underwater rock formations and many areas of the beach plunge to the deep bottom. You cannot fish under the Verrazano Bridge for security reasons as well as the danger from strong waves, though there are the occasional anglers. There is a small fishing pier if you want to fish further into the sea. Fishes in the Narrows include striped bass, flounder, skate, and blackfish.

Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island (New York City)

Fort Wadsworth by Jim Henderson

Great Kills Park
Staten Island’s Great Kills Park is located on the shores of Raritan Bay and part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, under the National Park Service. Raritan Bay is a rich fishing ground for striped bass, sea bass, bluefish, blackfish, flounder, skate, porgy, perch, and weakfish. In fact, the beach has been a popular fishing spot with residents in the area since the middle of the 19th century. Private fishing charters are also available at Great Kills Harbor for fishing into the deeper waters.

Great Kills Park, Staten Island (New York City)

Great Kills Park by Wuse1007

Wolfe’s Pond Park
Wolfe’s Pond Beach in Wolfe’s Pond Park is located on Staten Island’s South Shore. The beach is popular with beachgoers as well as local anglers fishing in the Raritan Bay. Permission to fish along the beach is only from the months of October to May. However, anglers at Wolfe’s Pond Park always have the choice for freshwater fishing at nearby Wolfe’s Pond, which opens year round. Saltwater fishes caught here include bluefish, striped bass, weakfish, blackfish, flounder, skate, and occasional snapper.

Wolfe's Pond Park, Staten Island (New York City)

Wolfe's Pond Park by Wuse1007


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