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Staten Island, New York City 



Staten Island is a great destination for recreational fishing, offering some of the best opportunities in New York City from the freshwater to saltwater. Fishes caught in the freshwater include black crappie, white perch, and bluehead catfish while the sea offers striped bass, flounder, and blackfish to name a few. Freshwater fishing on Staten Island includes the ponds and lakes, and the sea includes along the beaches, piers, and the deep waters off the coast. If you need to purchase fishing equipment and baits, there are several shops on the island.

Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey

Sandy Hook Bay by Lithium6ion

You do not require a license for recreational fishing off the coast of New York State but rules and regulations do apply regarding the type of fish you can catch, fishing period, size of the catch, and quantity you can keep. However, you require a license for freshwater fishing in New York City including Staten Island. Licenses include one day, seven days, and annual for New York State residence and non-residence. See details from New York State Department of Environment Regulations (

Ocean Breeze Pier, Staten Island (New York City)

Ocean Breeze Pier by Shannon


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