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While you could try flagging for a yellow cab to get you across the Verrazano Bridge from Brooklyn to Staten Island, some if not many are reluctant to travel the distance. Furthermore, most of the yellow cabs are in Manhattan but fewer in the other boroughs. An alternative is the livery cab, which you can call from anywhere in New York City. Though taking the cab across the Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island is the most convenient, it is also the most expensive. The following describes other travel options to get from the boroughs to Staten Island.

Manhattan to Staten Island
The Staten Island Ferry departs from the Whitehall Ferry Terminal near Battery Park in Lower Manhattan to the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island. This is a passenger only ferry (ride is free) and the journey between the two terminals takes about 30 minutes. The ferries depart every half hour but more frequently during the rush hours. There are also express buses departing from Broadway in Manhattan, heading to Brooklyn and then across the Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island.

Staten Island Ferry, New York City

Staten Island Ferry by Kmf164

Brooklyn to Staten Island
There are buses departing from the station at Bay Bridge in Brooklyn, traveling across the Verrazano Bridge to the station at Silver Lake Park on Staten Island. Bus departures are frequent and the journey between the two stations takes about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the subway from Brooklyn to Midtown Manhattan and then head to the Whitehall Ferry Terminal for the Staten Island Ferry.

Verrazano Bridge, Staten Island (New York City)

Verrazano Bridge by H.L.I.T.

Queens to Staten Island
You first have to take a bus or subway train to get from Queens to Brooklyn. Once you reach the station at Bay Bridge, take the bus crossing the Verrazano Bridge to the station at Silver Lake Park. An alternative is to take the subway train from Queens to Midtown Manhattan. From here, take another train, bus, or cab for the Staten Island Ferry at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal.

Whitehall Ferry Terminal, Manhattan (New York City)

Whitehall Ferry Terminal by Daniel Schewen

The Bronx to Staten Island
There are buses and subway trains departing from various locations in the Bronx, making stops at various stations in Manhattan. Upon arriving in Manhattan, take a connecting bus, subway train, or cab (plenty of yellow cabs in Manhattan) to the terminal for the Staten Island Ferry. 


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