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There are not that many museums on Staten Island and furthermore are humbler cousins to the museums in Manhattan. In fact, you can complete any museum visit on the island in an hour or two at most. Most visitors to New York City are unaware of the island’s museums and do not be surprise if a New Yorker cannot mention the name of at least one museum on Staten Island. Then again, the museums on Staten Island are interesting enough to spend at least an hour absorbing into some history and culture.

There is one museum that you should not miss and that is the Staten Island Museum, which is a short walk from the the ferry terminal for the Staten Island Ferry arriving from Lower Manhattan. An interesting museum with more than two million collections devoted to the arts, science, and history of Staten Island. Kids will surely love the Staten Island Children’s Museum, at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, with its interesting interactive exhibits. Another at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center is the Noble Maritime Collection devoted to the history of New York Harbor.

Staten Island Museum, New York City

Entrance to Staten Island Museum by DavisTW

The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art is a fascinating museum located on a ground recreated to look like a Tibetan monastery. The museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and artworks from the Himalayan region including Tibet. The Garibaldi-Meucci Museum is located in an historical house and devoted to Antonio Meucci and Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian nationalist and revolutionary hero. The Alice Austen House is devoted to the American photographer Alice Austen with her interesting photographs taking you back into time.

Alice Austen House, Staten Island (New York City)

Alice Austen House by blindowlphotography


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