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Staten Island Greenbelt

The Staten Island Greenbelt is a system of seven contiguous parks occupying a total of 2,800 acres (1,100 ha), three times the size of New York City’s Central Park in Manhattan. The Greenbelt is centrally located on Staten Island and the cornerstone of the park system is High Rock Park, the oldest area of woodlands in the system. The Greenbelt has a varied topography featuring forested hills, meadows, wetlands, and kettle ponds. The highest point is Moses Mountain, actually a 260-foot (79 meters) mound created from blasted rocks.

The Greenbelt is home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna. There are extensive areas of woodlands covered by oak, hickory, beech, and maple as well as several species of fern trees. Other species of flora include ground pines, native orchids, primrose, honeysuckle, and elderberry. Varieties of amphibians make their home here including bullfrogs, tree frogs, box turtles, and garter snakes. There are also species of of birds common in New York City’s parklands including owls, hawks, woodcocks, and orioles.
Staten Island Greenbelt, New York City

Staten Island Greenbelt by Maryikaro


The Greenbelt is popular with hikers and cross-country joggers - there are six trails to choose from totaling 35 miles (56 km) and many passing through forested areas. Visitors should head to the Greenbelt Nature Center (at Rockland Avenue) for a trail map and see the exhibits explaining the history, geography, flora, and fauna of the area. There is an old-fashioned Carousel for All Children at Willowbrook Park and an 18-hole LaTourette Golf (Public) Course at LaTourette Park. Other popular activities here include fishing, kayaking, biking, and birding.

Location: Along Forest Hill Road and Victory Boulevard.

Website: Staten Island Greenbelt


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