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St. George


St. George is a neighborhood located on Staten Island’s northeastern corner and the seat of the borough’s government. It is also the location of the St. George Terminal, where the Staten Island Ferry sails between the Whitehall Ferry Terminal in Lower Manhattan. Many believe the neighborhood got its name after the legendary St. George who lived during the 3rd century. Actually, the neighborhood got its name after George Law who once owned the land near the waterfront during the 19th century.

St George Ferry Terminal, Staten Island (New York City)

St. George Ferry Terminal by Jim Henderson

St. George is the administrative center and most densely populated neighborhood on Staten Island. It resembles a suburban neighborhood, except the area near the ferry terminal. St. George’s seat of government is housed at Borough Hall, built in 1906 and features historical murals in the lobby. The waterfront is Staten Island’s commercial center but construction of the Verrazano Bridge (connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn) in 1964 shifted many of the commercial activities to the island’s interior. 

St. George, Staten Island (New York City)

Downtown St. George by GK tramrunner229

It is easy to get around Staten Island from the St. George Terminal since it is the hub for public transport on the island. Besides being a ferry terminal, it is also a bus terminal for the local bus routes traveling around Staten Island. The terminal is the northern terminal for the single line Staten Island Railway, which travels a length of 14 miles (23 km) to the southern terminal at Tottenville. The ferry, bus, and train services operate daily throughout the week but only the ferry and train services operate round the clock. 

911 Memorial, Staten Island (New York City)

911 Memorial at St. George Waterfront by InSapphoWeTrust


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